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Decluttering for Parents

By January 27, 2019November 3rd, 2020No Comments

Many of us are either too busy to declutter or just have a habit of storing so many irrelevant things that are no longer needed. There are several places in your house that deserve cleaning and clearing, and you know exactly where they are. Even the cleanest, neatest and well-organized homes can still use a decluttering. Not every home is packed with trash and messy, but every home can release the old to make space for the new.  Everyone talks about how important it is to live a clutter-free life but not many people point out where to begin. So rather you need to organize your home or sort through and declutter your belongings, we have created a general list of areas to focus on.


Here’s a list on what every home can work on to organize, sort and declutter:

  1. Refrigerator / freezer  

  2. Pantry 

  3. Tupperware closet

  4. Junk drawers: (all of them) 

  5. Miscellaneous documents/mail

  6. Shoe & coat closet

  7. Bathroom cabinets

  8. Bedroom closets

  9. Bedroom drawers

  10. Top of dresser

  11. Garage / shed /yard

Decluttering could make you feel overwhelmed, that is why I recommend you declutter one space at a time. Gradually get rid of irrelevant items, that is, sort bedrooms before the basement, the kitchen before the bathroom, etc. Try to do things in an orderly fashion, one thing at a time, to reduce exhaustion.

In order to avoid regrets after disposing items, be thorough with your decision. Be very sure that if you dispose the item, you would not need it in the nearest future; and if you need it, you could always get a substitute. Ensure that you are not storing items because of sentimental attachments, instead of relevance. Create newness in your house. With decluttering, you have less possession, more space and of course your house tends to look nicer.

It should be noted that decluttering is a process, and you may not complete the process in a day, week or month; depending on the size of your house, but with consistence and determination, you can achieve a clear house – a house free from unnecessary load and unused items.

Remember the goal is a decluttered and organized 2019 before Spring!

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