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As a family with little ones of our own, we know firsthand what it’s like to wish we had just a little more help or just a little more time. While most days are great, we wish others were better. Parenting has a way of consuming a lot of our energy and time and for that reason we decided to create amazing product’s that can help assist you in your parenting journey. Our Lil Wuv Bug Diaper Caddy Organizer was designed to hold all of your baby’s essentials in one central location. The caddy serves multiple purposes and has many uses but it overall helps parents to stay organizer. No more losing those tiny nail clippers and certainly no more going up the stairs just to change the baby when you have our portable storage caddy.

See Caddy: http://localhost/elev8ed/index.php/product/baby-caddy/


Our Ultimate Parent Backpack is one of a kind. We call it the Ultimate Parent Backpack for a reason and that’s because it’s 3 bags in 1. It’s a diaper bag with XL Capacity. It’s a personal bag that can be used for all sorts of reasons and it’s also a laptop / electronic bag. The features make this the most versatile bag to hit the market. Unlike most diaper bags that are outgrown by your babies 2nd birthday, this bag is one you’ll want to stick around for a while as it can be used well beyond diaper days. The UP Bag is mom and dad’s favorite bag and it’s the only bag you’ll ever need. With this bag, we are taking parenting to another level.

See backpack: http://localhost/elev8ed/index.php/product/parent-backpack/

You can bundle and save: http://localhost/elev8ed/index.php/product/bundle/

We hope you enjoy our products just as much as we do.

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