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Everything you need to know about traveling with kids! Why the Ultimate Parent Bag is the best travel solution for your family vacation!

Five Golden Rules for a Perfect Family Vacation.

Whether you’re planning a sunkissed trip to the beach, or a camping vacation surrounded by nature, one thing is for sure; you have to put a lot of thought into your planning before you and the family hit the road. Whether you’re traveling with small children or teenagers, there are many benefits to traveling as a family. Family vacations are a great way to really unplug and bond; and, you get to create new, happy memories with your children that you’ll treasure for life.

To make that happen your planning has got to be on point! Here are our five golden rules for the perfect family vacation!

1.   Where are y’all vacationing?

There’s nothing harder than deciding which destination is the best when it comes to family vacations. Start from common ground. Where should you actually go? Do you love being in the great outdoors surrounded by trees and nature? Or do you love lounging on the beach and splashing in the sea? What is something that the whole family collectively enjoys doing together? Once you have your answer, use this to narrow your choices of destinations!

Another important factor you can’t afford to neglect is cost. How far are you from the destination? How much will it cost to get there, and what about accommodation, transport as well as spending money?

2.   Always be prepared for anything and everything. 

Carry extra clothes, extra food, extra water, extra everything! If there’s one thing you need to know when it comes to family vacations, it’s this! You don’t know what could happen, and anything can happen, so always be prepared. What better way to be prepared for a family vacation than with the Ultimate Parent Backpack AKA The UP Bag?

We don’t use the word ‘ultimate’ lightly. We mean it quite literally! Everything that everyone in your family will need can fit into the UP Bag! Your baby’s diapers, your husband’s laptop, your teenager’s iPad, your wallet, your phone, your passports, extra snacks, and water bottles – you name it! Everything can fit in the UP Bag.

Why do we recommend the UP Bag? You see, it’s a 3-in-1 XL Diaper Bag, Laptop Bag and Travel Backpack that’s perfect for both small commutes around town and long family trips. It’s seriously the best backpack on the market because it is basically a family bag that minimizes the amount of luggage your family would need to carry while on the go.

3.   Plan all your outings and excursions before you travel.

The best way to have a family holiday that flows smoothly is by planning! You need to make sure to check what activities are available and make sure to schedule and book them in advance – if you can! This is even more important if you are traveling during peak season. If you don’t plan and book ahead, you may find yourself unable to enjoy the full benefits of your destination because everything is sold out.

So, what can you book in advance? If you’re planning on doing a city tour, or maybe you want to visit a theme park – anything you have to purchase tickets for, get them in advance! And, you can also get the kids involved in the process by getting their input (if they are old enough). This will ensure that everyone enjoys this family vacation and, you don’t have to spend money on activities no one wants to do.

4.   Start packing as early as possible and use a list to guide you.

Packing for any vacation is stressful. And packing for a family vacation with young children can seem like an impossible task – if you don’t plan ahead! When you’re packing for a family vacation there are several things you can’t afford not to consider – what the kids need (and think they need) and what you cannot afford to forget!

If you want to avoid meltdowns from forgotten toys or snacks, make a list! There are the obvious things you’ll need: passports, tickets and other travel documents, phones, chargers (and an extra one just in case!), pens, and local currency. And if you’re traveling with a baby or young children, there’s a whole other list of things you can’t afford to not have in your carry-on. That’s why a bag like the UP Bag is your essential and ultimate travel buddy! Everything the whole family will need throughout the journey fits into the Ultimate Parent Backpack, ensuring a smooth, convenient, and stress-free trip!

5.   Lastly and most importantly, you need to remember to have fun!

Remember, this is a family vacation after all! Don’t forget to have fun, relax and enjoy this time away from work and school. And keep your schedule open for some downtime. You don’t always have to have activities planned out for every single minute you and the family are away. Find time to relax and do nothing!

There is no doubt that planning a family vacation is no easy task. As parents ourselves we know the struggle of trying to plan a holiday with two young children, and the nightmare of the commute to the destination if you’re not prepared! Whether it’s a road trip or an overnight flight, a bag like the Ultimate Parent Backpack is the perfect companion for your stress-free family vacation. The UP Bag can do it all and that’s not an exaggeration. You get to carry everything you need, stay organized, and still leave some room for fun – all in one bag.

It has features like a USB connection with a Power bank add-on, credit card and phone pockets located on the shoulder straps for the ease of paying and quick access to your calls. It also has oversized thermal pockets to store plenty of bottles, water, snacks and food. There are even hidden pockets for your wallet and passports with a super convenient luggage strap for a hands-free travel experience.

If you’re planning your family vacation, get your hands on our all-in-one family travel bag! Purchase your UP Bag now.

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