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When starting a new school year, it becomes crucial for both children and parents to make the necessary preparation. Slowing easing into the new daily routine can help everyone in the home to get settled much ahead of peer, teacher and family expectations.

Here are some useful tips to help children and parents prepare for the new school year.


Starting a calendar and keeping a schedule is a great head-start to being prepared. Calendars do help children and parents to remember those must-do lists. It also establishes a sense of responsibility, organization, comfort and stability.


The trick is to start the ‘back to school’ sleep routine well before school starts. Don’t wait until school begins to put the children on a consistent bedtime. This may cause lots of unnecessary issues at a time that’s critical for everyone to comply.  During Summer months, days get longer, thereby allowing children to stay awake late. Not only is it important for them to follow a good bedtime routine, but it’s also important for the parents to prep for the additional tasks you are about to pickup such as morning breakfast, drop offs, prepping lunches and more.


Parents should talk with their children and help them to have a positive mindset related to starting school. This will help to develop positive anticipation with regards to the first day in class and every day thereafter. Some ground rules are to be clearly laid down and safety measures explained. For example, if the child feels nervous, then they should be assisted on ways they can overcome the situation when familiar faces aren’t around. You know your child best and you know what obstacles they may face when starting a new school year. It may be waking up early, getting to the bus on time, remembering to bring homework assignments home, experiencing bullying, anything. So, start these conversations now, well before the school year starts and ensure that the child, or teen is made comfortable with regards to what is to be expected at school this year.


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It is possible to calm fears by breaking the ice early on. Few teachers do welcome emails or phone calls prior to the new year session. Some teachers are just as nervous and sometimes anxious as the parents and students are, so taking the initiative to introduce yourself and your children can really make a difference in how the school year can go. Not all school offer an option to greet teachers beforehand. In this case, parents and children should make themselves available for back to school night or any back to school meet and greet events as it offers both the opportunity to take a tour of the classroom and to get acclimatized to the new curriculum. I’d highly recommend doing both, as you can get to know the teachers and even meet fellow parents and possibly gain some friends before school officially starts.


Beginning homework assignments two weeks prior to the starting of the school year is a great way for students to gain school readiness, strengthen their learning mentality and prepare for the school environment. These assignments can also help the students to maintain, refresh and to expand on their existing academic skills. Think of it this way; your child’s mentality is likely in vacation/summer mode until the first day back at school. So, the best way to help them prepare for a new school year is to bring out last years completed homework assignments. This way they can refresh their memory on what they learned the previous year. Have them keep these items together and organized inside of colored folders and place the folders inside of a multipurpose caddy organizer. Those caddies are portable so they can tote their materials from one place to the next with ease.  Checkout the Lil Wuv Bug Caddy Organizer on Amazon. This will definitely give them the mental capacity to get back into the swing of things.


Planning ahead of the school year is not only about buying notebooks and school supplies when they are on sale throughout the summer. It’s much more than buying a new wardrobe and book-bag. Planning ahead has so many factors and when done with anticipation and intention, students can certainly begin and end their school year with much success.

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