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5 Tips to Prevent Children From Getting Sick

1. Wash their hands often 

Wash your children’s hands as soon as they come in the house (every time). This tip applies to everyone; kids, teens and parents too. We attend the gym a few times a week. When I pick my girls up from the childcare and play area, the first thing I do is wash their hands before leaving, and again when we get home. We do so to prevent any shared germs from entering the car and home.  When my toddler attended school, I did the same thing. I washed her hands before we left daycare. No matter what the trip was, rather a quick run to the grocery store, a visit to a friends house or simply some play time in the lawn, it’s still important to wash hands every time we enter the home. 

2. Sanitize their toys and play area

Rather you spray or let them soak in a cleansing solution of your choice, it’s very important to sanitize your children’s toys at least a few times a month. Even older kids and teens should sanitize their play stations and items such as joy-sticks, tablets and more.

3. “Fresh Body – Clean Bed”

Make sure your children’s body and clothing are clean before entering their bed. Night time bathing is essential for this tip. While bath time for most children can be an entire process, it can take less than 10 minutes to bath a child. Just explain to the child that tonight is a (quick bath) without toys and soaking. Do this nightly and if for any reason you are not able to bath your child before entering the bed, make sure you wash their hands and face and change them into clean clothing. You don’t want them sleeping in the clothing they wore throughout the day.

4. Wash Bedding Often

Some people change their bed sheets every week. While this may seem to be too often for those parents who follow the step above (Fresh Body – Clean Bed), I would still recommend changing your bedding no less than every two weeks. Keeping your bedding, including the pillow covers fresh is a huge help to preventing sickness. The same applies to your wash cloths and towels. These should be changed often too.

5. Change Tooth Brushes Often

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends for everyone to change toothbrushes every 2/3 months. We personally change our brushes a little more often – approximately every month.  And even whilst using your brushes throughout the months, it’s wise to sanitize them. You can simply dip your brush inside a cup of mouth wash and the alcohol from the wash will cleanse it. If your children are sick, throw out their tooth brush immediately and replace the new one within days too. Keeping a toothbrush for a while can prolong sickness and even re-introduce new damage to the party. Just keep a bunch of brushes at home because with the mouth being the biggest gateway to sickness, you want to do your part in keeping your children healthy.

Conclusion Statement

These are proven tips that help us to keep our children from getting sick. There are other very known tips like maintaining a healthy diet,  keeping your children’s body temperature regulated throughout the season and taking multivitamin and probiotic supplements. But the 5 tips above are some key steps that may be downplayed or overlooked.

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